Christmas 2016

Spent this Christmas in Daytona Beach with Alan’s family.  We stayed at a great 12th floor Condo right on the beach, had a VERY cute Charlie Brown Christmas tree, saw a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Musical, did a lot of work at Alans moms house, got a chest cold (yuk)  and took a trip to the Daytona International Speedway where I got to ride on the speedway in a race car going 170 mph!!!  FUN VROOOM FUN.   As a side note; I think it’s kind of funny I got the Dollar General car.  How did they know I’m thrifty?!!!!!  LOL. 

Enjoy the pictures and have a Happy New Year everyone!


Yes, and more Utah

National Parks continued…..LOTS of great hiking too….

So the below pictures are part of the “road” from Moab west to Kanab.  It was not paved and we dropped at least 1,000 feet in elevation in a short period of switchbacks. Alan wouldn’t let me drive because he was afraid I’d be to busy looking and not enough “careful” driving.  LOL. Haha, he’s probably right.  The last picture of this set is looking back up to what we drove down.  Crazy!!




Aspen, Colorado

Hi everyone!  I know, I know, it’s been a long time since I posted (as some of my friends have pointed out!…). It’s hard finding time to write and post when you’re retired!  LOL. It’s currently December 8 and we’re in Mexico so I have some time to try to catch up.

We are headed West from Colorado Springs to a final destination of California with stops in Aspen, Utah, Reno.

Here’s some pics in Aspen.

September 1

Hi y’all.  This morning we were up at 0600, packed up our suitcases and left them outside our hotel door at 0700 and headed straight down for breakfast.  We left our comfy hotel this morning and are headed north to see the Northern Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Here are my last pictures of Medora.  The wood sidewalk, the history board outside our Rough Riders Hotel, the lobby of the hotel and the sign hanging in the main square.

We had some drama getting on the bus this morning.  You see we are all supposed to rotate around the bus so everyone has a chance to sit in the front seat.  Well….some people aren’t playing nice (in fact they’re playing like 4 year olds) and skipped the line big time and caused a big ruckus.  The tour guide asked where they were supposed to be sitting and they wouldn’t tell them….seriously, are we traveling with kids?  Drama drama drama…

Roosevelt Nat’l Park in the northern section is real pretty too. I tried to limit which pictures to post but it was hard.  The Parks guide we were suppose to have show us around called in sick today so we were on our own.  It was warm but very WINDY.





I was crouching down taking this picture. Just as I snapped it a huge gust of wind came and it blew me backwards and I fell on my butt! Of course the whole bus saw it….


We left the park (lower left corner of above map)  and headed north stopping off for lunch in Walford City.  It’s a town that used to be farmers and ranchers.   Now I feel like I’m experiencing what the “gold rush” felt like as this cities old identify is changing into a new identify of an “oil rush”.  New construction everywhere.  Lunch was just ok but we found a store across the street that had a lot of nice things so we went shopping.  After lunch we continued east to an Indian Reservation in Four Bears Village just before New Town for a educational show and a light dinner.

We then headed North up to Stanley.  Now we are a hotel in Stanley, North Dakota for just tonight.  Unfortunately, Alan has a real bad sore throat and isn’t feeling well.  I’v been giving him Airbornne all day and he’s been staying on the bus on some of the stops.  I massaged Vicks on the bottom of his feet and put him to bed early.  He’s snoring next to me as I finish this blog.  It’s 11:47 pm so it’s time to finish up and get some shut eye.  ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz